Negative Effects Of Mobile Phone On Teenagers & Society
6 Negative Effects Of Mobile Phone On Teenagers

6 Negative Effects Of Mobile Phone On Teenagers

Negative Effects Of Mobile Phone Is Increasing Day By Day,Is your teen aged insistence for a portable for his birthday? Or area unit you considering of giving a portable to your teen aged for security purposes? That’s a sound call, however have you ever ever considered the adverse effects of mobile phones on teenagers and young people? If no, then please scan our post on what impact will cellular phone use wear teenagers fastidiously.

Seeing teens standing along, however whole ignoring one another could be a common sight of late. consistent with a survey conducted by the church bench research facility, seventy eight teens aged between twelve and seventeen have mobile phones. and that they don’t seem to be simply victimization it to decision their folks. One in four teens have access to the net, way more than adults. therefore is cellular phone extremely a decent factor for teens? What area unit the negative effects of cell phones on teenagers? scan on to seek out the solution.

Effects Of Mobile Phones On Teenagers:

There is little doubt that the itinerant may be a terribly useful gizmo and nowadays, mobile phones ar a serious a part of society. . It eases communication with colleagues, friends and relatives. however each technology that gives such advantages comes with a resultant value.Here’s however cell phones have an effect on teenagers.

1.Teen rubor (TTT):

Teenagers square measure completely hooked in to texting. Excess electronic messaging will cause adolescent rubor (TTT). It will cause pain within the hands, back and neck because of poor posture. It may also cause impaired vision and even inflammatory disease down the road.


Having a mobile phone can tempt your adolescent to pay all day talking or texting, rather than doing something productive. Studies have tried that teens WHO pay an excessive amount of of their time with their cell phones square measure a lot of at risk of stress and fatigue. It may also cause psychological disorders in some cases.

3.Sleep Loss:

Most of the teenagers keep their cell phones close whereas sleeping to retort to texts and calls. They feel pressurized to stay accessible round the clock. It ends up in sleep interruption and disruption. Teens additionally become irritable after they square measure sleep underprivileged.


Teens square measure a lot of seemingly to retort to calls, text whereas driving, and riding than adults. They speak and text on the phone while not realizing that it will value their lives. Even the U.S. Government web site for Distracted Driving has tried that traffic crashes square measure the leading reason behind death in teens.

5.will increase Anxiety:

Relying on texting as a primary mode of communication will increase anxiety in teens. Texting is instantly gratifying, however it additionally produces anxiety. the moment reply by the friend will bring joy and elation.

6.Risk Of Cancer:

Research shows that electromagnetic wave emitted by mobile phones get absorbed within the tissues after we hold the phone for extended times. The nervous systems of teens square measure still developing and have a larger risk of developing brain cancer from cell phones than adults. so,These Are The Negative Effects Of Mobile Phone For Teenagers.

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